The list of amazing and unique Swedes to pepper the pop landscape is too long to get into here – we’re talking Robyn, Lykke Li, actual ABBA, etc – because all you need to know is there’s another one for the list and his name is Mavrick.

Inspired by the textured drama of Massive Attack, the pop experimentation of Prince and the rhythmic pulse of Thom Yorke’s solo adventures, Mavrick channels the spirit of these musical, er, mavericks into a framework of classic pop songwriting. This can be heard on first single Remedy, a cinematic, deliciously dramatic love song bolted onto an undulating drum n bass backdrop.

“I want the listener to think of my music as fresh and new, but I also want them to hear it in ten years time and still think it’s a good song” Mavrick, aka 25-year- old Marcus Sennewald, explains.”
“That’s down to their timeless pop melodies. I’ve always wanted to do pop music but I never wanted it to be regular, straightforward pop.”

Behind the name Mavrick you find the twenty-five year old Marcus Sennewald. Timeless pop was far from Sennewald’s mind when he was growing up. In fact, music wasn’t a massive part of his life at all until his teens. Slowly music started to take more of a hold over his life and when that same best friend returned to Gothenburg from Stockholm as a fully trained sound engineer Sennewald was coaxed into recording some of his own songs. From there he was introduced to more songwriters and eventually to his manager who suggested he up sticks and move to Stockholm.